About us

We are a Peruvian company with over 25 years of experience crafting snacks that pets adore. They are our greatest inspiration, and we love sharing happy moments with them.


The classic Dentitoy snacks are 100% Bovine. They contain no preservatives or flours. Satisfy the need to chew and entertain your furry friends.

  • 100% Bovine
  • No preservatives
  • No flour or corn


Dientes Limpios

Clean teeth

Piel Saludable

Healthy skin

Pelaje Brillante

Shiny coat

Attributes of our complementary foods:
High in proteins, it satisfy the chewing desire and has an unmatched aroma.

Our Philosophy

For us, being a sustainable company is part of our philosophy. We divide our environmental and social practices and strategies into three fundamental pillars. For the furry ones, for the community, and for the planet. We call it: Dentitoy Actions. Click here for more information.

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