Dentitoy Actions

Our projects focus on promoting adoption and raising awareness about the responsibility of having a pet, with the goal of preventing abandonment and promoting responsible ownership. There is still much to do, but every little contribution fills us with strength to continue working towards this goal.


Learn about the initiatives that promote our purpose: providing well-being to pets. Driven by our Dentitoy Actions purpose, we have 3 pillars that contribute to the well-being of pets

For the furry ones

For the furry ones

All canines and felines are important and deserve to have a forever home. We work in collaboration with NGOs and shelters with the objective of ensuring that no dog or cat is left on the streets. None of this would have been possible without the work of shelters, associations, and volunteers who, with so much dedication, create incredible stories.

For the community

For the community

Sponsorship campaigns for sterilizations of cats and dogs nationwide with NGOs. In 2023, we will reach 350 sponsorships for sterilizations since the campaign began.

For the planet

For the planet

Use of solar panels as a partial energy source and composting of our waste to reforest green areas.

Adopt an old friend

Campaign seeking the adoption and sponsorship of senior dogs. Click here to learn more about this heartwarming campaign.

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The Dream Space

Campaign seeking the well-being of pets while they wait for their forever home in shelters. Click here for more information.

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3. El Espacio De Sueños

Adoption kits

Initiative aimed at encouraging adoptions in shelters. Alongside the NGO Wuf, we provide kits containing Dentitoy Comfort Beds and Dentitoy Snacks to the furry companions upon arriving at their new home

4. Kits De Adopción

I am not a gift

Campaign aiming to raise awareness about what it means to have a pet during the Christmas season. They are not a gift to be forgotten; they are a lifelong commitment.

No Soy Un Regalo